Radio Efforts  

Chicago Media Action has been working to broaden efforts to improve radio programming in the Chicago area. Members of Chicago Media Action were instrumental in bringing the internationally-recognized news magazine Democracy Now! to Chicago's airwaves.

Chicagoans can listen to Democracy Now! on these stations:

  • In parts of the northside: WZRD, 88.3 FM, weekdays from 8am to 9am
  • Throughtout Chicago on WCPT, 820 AM, weeknights from 8pm to 9pm
  • In parts of the southside: WRTE, 90.5 FM, Monday through Thursday at 12pm, Fridays at 2pm
  • In parts of the northside: WLUW, 88.3 FM, weekdays from 9am to 10am

    Chicagoans can also watch the television simulcast of Democracy Now! on these channels:
  • On CAN TV, Chicago cable channel 19, weekday mornings from 7am to 8am
  • On WYCC, Chicago PBS afffiliate channel 20, weeknights from 12am to 1am

    Chicago Media Action is also campaigning to get Democracy Now! on the main NPR affiliate in Chicago, WBEZ. The station to date has yet to comply with the request, but the campaign continues.

    How you can help: Call the WBEZ Listener Comment Line (312-948-4701) and ask that they begin airing Democracy Now!. Or if you know of a Chicago radio station which would be interested in Democracy Now! or in other such shows, contact CMA to help us widen the reach of quality radio programming

    Chicago Media Action is also encouraging support of efforts to bring Low Power FM radio on a wide scale to the United States. More details here.

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