Rapid Response  

Chicago Media Action has built a Rapid Response form which can be used to contact key decision makers on a media-related topic of interest. The following is the list of past rapid response campaigns:

  • Campaign: Support the May 5 Stone ordinance to provide stable funding for CAN TV. Key contact: Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago. Launched: June 11, 2004. Result: Won passage before the June 18 Finance committee. Variation of the ordinance and a three-year funding arrangement approved by all parties in December 2004.

  • Campaign: Help clean up WTTW-11, Chicago's main PBS station. Key contact: Sandra Guthman, Chair of the Board. Launched: November 13, 2003. Result: Ongoing

  • In a campaign pertaining to the right to dissent and freedom of speech, the Rapid Response form turned to the case of antiwar activist Grant Newburger, who faced a possible one-year jail sentence on trumped-up charges. Key contact: The State Attorney General's office. Launched: October 8, 2003. Result: Case dismissed, October 14, 2003.