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Posted by Jennifer - June 17, 2003 (entry 57)

I just feel it's worth mentioning that The Tavis Smiley Show has had an honest-to-god leftist for a political point-counterpoint segment TWICE in the past few months. Phyllis Bennis, fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, author of numerous books most recently "Before and After, US Foreign Policy and the September 11th Crisis" which features an introduction by Noam Chomsky and a postive blurb from Edward Said on the back cover. Not only has she been on, but she has been allowed to speak for a decent amount of time (considering the overall length of the segment). While having two guests with, in theory, different political views is common on many NPR shows the viewpoints are at best right and center, maybe liberal. I don't know what Tavis Smiley considers himself, politics is a relatively small part of his show but I do think it stands as the most progressive show on WBEZ right now which is produced by NPR (which, granted, is not saying too much). As an African-American host, Tavis seems to be given a little more leeway in terms of his politics, topics, and guests, and I encourage people to give it a listen sometime.

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