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Posted by Mitchell - August 14, 2007 (entry 562)


For nearly ten years now, "This is Hell!" has brought you below the beltway analysis, bong-hitting reporting and live, independent, commercial-free radio featuring completely uninterrupted and unedited interviews with everybody from intimidating intellects to folks that get their hands dirty, all united in that they are either muted by the sound-bite sized constraints of celebrity-driven corporate radio, or completely silenced by a fear of their ideas.

Show your support for WNUR 89.3 FM's This Is Hell and give public radio Hell! Vote for Chuck Mertz by clicking on his god-awful picture at

Right now, we need your support more than ever.

Vote right now then, get your co-workers to vote for Chuck. On the way home, tell the person next to you on the train to vote via their Blackberry. Or at a stop light, tell the guy next to you to vote with his iPhone. When you get home, vote again under the other identity you use at your home computer (you know, redhotlover07?) When you go out this weekend, go to a WiFi bar and get everyone to vote for Chuck. Satuday, hung over, remember to tell everyne you meet to vote for Chuck. Whether you're at a softball game, a church picnic, speed dating, karaoke, out celebrating the ascension of the Prophet, National Garage Sale Day or the beginning of National Elvis Week, or just drinking, do whatever you can to get people to vote for Chuck Mertz at

Tune in Saturday morning, August 18th, from 9 AM till 1 PM (US central) for WNUR 89.3 FM's 'This is Hell!' We are also broadcast online at and all of our past shows are podcast at

Producer Drew Colglazier will host another 'Best of' broadcast and Chuck will call in with another report from his vacation in the lower peninsula. If you have specific interviews you would like to hear please email Drew at d.colglazier (at)

AND PLEASE GO VOTE! Apparently, whoever gets the most votes moves on. SO GO VOTE! for Chuck Mertz by clicking on that nasty picture at

The voting ONLY runs till Sunday night, August 19th.

Brave enough to be live, dumb enough to be goofy, stupid enough to think that we can be a regular part of your Saturday morning hangover - This is Hell ...

"Really enjoyed it. Particularly glad to hear that there is a voice of sanity on talk radio. I don't hear talk radio much, but when I do, it's pretty appalling."
- Noam Chomsky

"I really enjoyed this program. The questions and comments were exceptionally provocative and stimulating, which made for an unusually interesting interview."
- Dan Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers

"Chuck should be syndicated. He has the greatest guests. I do endless interviews on C-SPAN, and it's so much fun on Chuck's show. It's like a vacation. But he also does heavy stuff, so I feel like I'm getting more information than with the other outlets."
- Greg Palast, Guardian columnist and BBC Newsnight reporter

"Chuck's a very smart interviewer ... "
- Tom Hayden

"Chuck is one of the best prepared hosts I've ever encountered and he asks extremely perceptive questions -- not just one or two, but almost every single question. And I must say that having 30 to 40 minutes for an interview really makes a big difference. The guests can answer questions with some nuance. I'm extremely impressed."
- Mohamad Bazzi, Middle East Bureau Chief for Newsday

"Not your usual nonsense"
- Dan Forbes,

"... the marvellous Chicago-based radio show This Is Hell with its intelligent political discussions and perky factoids ..."
- The Sunday Times of London

"Well-informed and wisecracking"
- Punk Planet

"One of the best radio programs in the country."
- Ben Dangl,

"Brilliant and witty"
- Jorn Barger,

"Irreverent, spontaneous"
- Chicago Reader

- Chicago Sun-Times

"Funny and brilliant"
- Illinois Entertainer

"Truth in media"
- Chicago Ink

"Best New Chicago Radio Personality"
- New City Readers' Poll 2001

"Best Chicago Radio Show"
- New City Readers' Poll 2000

"Past the cutting edge"
- San Diego Radio Net

"(Chuck has) tongue like bull: strong and hard to control."
- Chuck's dental hygienist

"You have to have the Northwestern quote on there at the end...a little paranoid...I always look for it, it's so damn funny..."
- Richard from the Onion

"A little paranoid"
- Daily Northwestern

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