Calls Needed to Congress!

Posted by Mitchell - October 2, 2003 (entry 98)

This notice just came across the wire from

The campaign to block the FCC's disastrous loosening of media ownership rules has reached a make-or-break moment in Congress.

On September 16, we won an historic victory. In response to 3 million Americans like you who contacted the FCC and Congress demanding a rollback, the Senate voted by an overwhelming bipartisan margin -- 55 to 40 -- to strike down the entire package of FCC media ownership rule changes through a "resolution of disapproval."

However, the Speaker of the House -- Rep. Dennis Hastert -- is rejecting the democratic process. Hastert says he has no plans to allow a vote on the resolution in the House, and House leadership has called it "dead on arrival." They won't permit a vote because they don't want it to pass.

Your phone call is the only way to force a vote. We need you to make two calls.

First, call the Speaker of the House at 202-225-0600. We recommend you say: "I am calling to urge the Speaker to allow a vote on the resolution of disapproval regarding the FCC's media ownership rule changes. By not allowing a vote, the Speaker is ignoring the will of the public, the courts and his own colleagues. Thank you for your time."

Next step.... a letter is circulating amongst Representatives calling on the Speaker to allow the vote to reach the House floor. Over 100 have already signed on. If your Representative has not signed the letter, call and urge him or her to do so.

Visit to find out if your Representative already has, and follow the directions. Again, your call will make the difference.

Please make your calls now, and FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to everyone you know. For more information on the FCC and media reform efforts, visit

Josh, Vidya, Russ, Ben, Yolanda
Free Press Team

PS: If you haven't done so already, be sure to also sign the online petition to roll back the FCC rules: go to .

PPS: This Saturday, October 4 at 10pm EST our friends at Free Speech TV will premiere via DISH Network Channel 9415 and via the web their week-long "Mobile Eyes on Media and Democracy." Tune in for interviews, documentaries, and special event coverage tracking the latest developments in media justice, media reform and media literacy movements across the country. For more information, visit

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