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Posted by Scott - November 9, 2016 (entry 721)

Dear activist / artist / educator / friend,

Registration is now closed for the CAN TV open house tomorrow Thursday November 10th 3:00 PM - 6:30 PM at 1309 S. Wood Street. The event will help mark the first year of CAN TV's facilitation of community media at the awesome new, permanent, expandable, multi-use digs it has constructed in the U of I medical district. But we will definitely keep in touch with you on related community media issues.

There has been much recent turbulence and change at Chicago's community television provider CAN TV including a successful and necessary unionization of the staff and the unanticipated departure of its top executives. But we have learned that important work remains on necessary changes to CAN TV's bylaws to ensure that it has a democratically accountable board of trustees as it seeks new leadership so that it does not repeat the mistakes of its past. And there's a LOT more at stake: CAN TV is being offered control of a brand new community radio license and station at 98.3 FM that can be live streamed and put on Chicago cable channel 42, a paid & volunteer multi-media, multi-platform, independent journalism program in partnership with leading local journalism instructors, more arts and cultural programming, more education for media consumers, and just . . . more!

When it rains it pours!

We encourage you to contact CAN TV and ask it to fix its anti-democratic bylaws and accept the gift of a radio station license and support the journalism and other programs listed above.

Various turns of events have brought community media, independent journalism, and public arts to a rare juncture that can benefit the entire Chicago region. Who said it is impossible to respond to the anti-democratic monocultural consequences of billion dollar corporate media and oligarchy? Help make CAN TV even better!

We will be at the open house asking for truly community controlled media, along with representatives of WGHC-LPFM, Medill School of Journalism instructors, and others!

We hope you were able to reserve a spot at the open house, but we will keep those who could not attend informed of developments.

Scott Sanders, longtime local media justice activist
Christine Geovanis, well placed local political communications consultant


--->"CAN TV multi-use expansion proposal - 1 page summary"
photo of spanking new radio studio being offered to CAN TV
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