Area groups announce 2010 Media Democracy Day - Chicago

Posted by Mitchell - October 30, 2010 (entry 662)

Contact: Beverley Walter, 708 447-1547,

Chicago will shortly be the site for 2010 Media Democracy Day - Chicago, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Saturday, November 6, 2010, at Teamsters Building Hall, 300 S. Ashland, Chicago.

This year the Metro Chicago Progressive Media Network, a group of media activists and professionals, is organizing 2010 Media Democracy Day - Chicago with the objective of bringing together progressive media groups and individuals from all around the Chicago area and formulating a vision of common concerns and goals. The timing of the event is planned to coincide with Media Democracy Day in Vancouver, Canada.

Initially Media Democracy Day (MD Day) was organized by local Toronto and Vancouver groups in of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom in Canada. In 2002 events were held in cities around the world.

The morning session will be devoted to panel presentations and Q & A. The full-day format will allow time to incorporate a participatory People's Movement Assembly. The People's Movement Assembly format enables people to establish points of unity and to formulate decisions around a particular issue, such as, in this case, the media.

The Morning Program will feature two panels. The "Media Success Stories: Sharing What Works" panel will feature: Kari Lydersen, Republic Windows campaign; Tomika Serby, Jail Jon Burge; Mitchell Szczepanczyk, Chicago Independent Television; Victor Montanez, artist, organizer; Stephen Franklin, Community Media Workshop; Dulce Mora, RadioArte; and Samuel Barnett &Frank; Edwards, AREA Chicago.

The "Next Steps: Challenges and Opportunities" panel will feature Tracy Van Slyke, author, Beyond the Echo Chamber; Allen Gomez, CAN-TV; Shawn Campbell, CHIRP Radio, Prometheus; Amalia Deloney, Center for Media Justice, MAG-Net; Bruce Montgomery, Montgomery &Co; and Suzanne McBride, Austin Talks, and Scott Sanders, co-founder of Chicago Media Action.

The detailed 2010 MDD flyer/handout is now available on the website for all to print and distribute copies. Find the flyer via the link on, or go immediately to it at

The suggested donations are: $10.00 General admission, or $5.00 Student/Senior/Low Income.

Last year's MDD, on November 7, 2009, held at Grace Place, downtown Chicago, was attended by some 75 participants and featured 13 panelists, representing all four quadrants of the Media Map (Mainstream media; Alternative media; Educating the public about the media; and Rules, and regulations regarding the media). The panels were followed by five dynamic breakout sessions.

Links to videos from the 2009 MDD - Chicago are posted to the website,

For more information, see: or call 708.447.1547.

Co-sponsoring organizations (list in formation) include: Illinois Ballot Integrity Project, Oak Park Coalition for Truth and Justice, Chicago Media Action, CAPOW! (Citizens Act to Protect Our Water), Cooperative Media Center, Revolutions Books, HumanThread, Henry George School, PDA-Chicago, Community Media Workshop, Rumble Arts Center and Quennect 4 Gallery,
The event organizer, Metro Chicago Progressive Media Network (MCPMN), formed in November 2007, is an area networking group of media professionals and media activists.

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