Ideas from the Teach-In Workshop, May 31

Posted by Mitchell - June 12, 2003 (entry 52)

(This is more than a week overdue; apologies for the delay.)

At the Chicago Peace and Justice Teach-in 2003, Chicago Media Action held a workshop on the media. The tag-team lecture led to a brainstorm of media activism ideas for CMA and others who might be interested. Here is the list of ideas:

  • Have a march on certain media outlets (this was already done in Chicago last October on Media Democracy Day, but we can do it again)
  • Organize boycotts against certain advertisers (this is already being done against Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage with some success, I understand)
  • Create a Rapid Response Team to quickly write responses, calls, emails etc.
  • Create a Phone Tree as part of a response team for those who aren't wired to the Internet
  • Have a "TV" "demolition" (it's not a demolition, and doesn't involve real TVs)
  • Include other allies outside of the media-activism sphere by touching on other points of concern
  • Forge our own distribution networks (perhaps consolidate forces into regional and perhaps national networks), and get access to their distribution network
  • Market, market, market

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