Calm before the storm?: Turning a corner to save the internet

Posted by Mitchell - July 24, 2006 (entry 473)

My, how things have changed in just six short months. What was considered to be a hopeless fight to save the internet from corporate predators now shows signs of optimism that we can win this struggle.

The recipe for victory isn't fighting with cash, as the predators have been outspending the Rebel Alliance by a ratio of about 150 to one. The way to win is, as it has been before, informing and galvanizing public opinion on the issue. And on that score, count one for the good guys as the Daily Show covered the issue twice in two weeks. Plus, the fact that an illiterate hack like Senator Ted Stevens has opened his dang fool mouth on the issue and made himself a laughingstock and given an unexpected boost to the issue.

The Public Square is dedicating their talks across Chicagoland this week to the topic. You may want to get involved in this issue to help spread the word. And the time is now to get involved, as what happens now will prove crucial to what will happen if this thing comes to a vote in September 2006.

Also, much like the National Day of Outrage in May, there could be additional local actions brewing later on. Stay tuned, true believers.

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