Illinois Community Internet Dates of Note: August - November 2005

Posted by Mitchell - July 30, 2005 (entry 340)

Below is a calendar of key dates in Illinois Statewide Community Tech/Telecommuication now through November:

Aug 3: 1-3pm at ICC 160 N. LaSalle Broadband over Powerline Tutorial open to all interested parties. There will be a discussion of ICC's planned Convergence Policy group involving electricity line, telephone wireline and other telecom modes in state-Federal telecom basic and broadband jurisdiction, and more information about planned statewide broadband event at end of August (see below). For more info: Mary Collins Policy Advisor to ICC Commissioner Lieberman 312-814-1628

Aug 8: 1-3pm at DCEO offices 3rd floor Thompson Center Advisory Committee meeting on Elimination of Digital Divide open to all interested parties. This meeting may confirm the 1st RFP for about $2 million or perhaps more for Eliminate the Digital Divide grants, and consider legislatively-mandated "outreach" activities by telecom companies, DCEO and potential cooperation on Digital Literacy Matters public awareness campaign and potential designation of Digital Literacy Matters Day/Week by Advisory Committee, by Governor and others. For more info: John Barr DCEO program manager 312-814-2259

Aug 11: 6:30-8:30 at South Shore Cultural Center 7059 South Shore Drive "Talking Tech" 3rd Hearing for Residents and Organization views on potential Chicago Wireless or other Telecommunication/Technology priorities, by City Council Finance and ECTD committees. For info contact 39th ward office of chair Ald. Laurino: 773-736-5594. (A fourth "wrap up" hearing is planned for a downtown site, but probably not until September after the feedback from the other hearings has been organized into a summary of comments and concerns.)

Aug 24: 9am-7pm at Harborside International Golf Course (tee off 9am dinner about 5pm) 111th & Calumet Expressway on Lake Calumet, Rep. Connie Howard's Celebrity packed Tee Off for Technology Annual Golf Benefit. For info: Carlos Estes, Rep. Howard Tech Advisor, 312-804-3751

Aug 31: ______ in Springfield ICC is planning a Broadband Workshop including briefing on planned $9-10 million RFP for broadband expected to be issued at about that time. For more info on scope and location (yet to be determined) contact Mary Collins at ICC at number above.

Sept 8: _______________ in Chicago at Thompson Center Aud DCEO and others will host a Digital Literacy Showcase of Model Human Services Computer Labs (Community Tech Centers), Train-the-trainer activities, and Future plans and outreach by DCEO and others on "how to find local public access Computer Labs" and "how to make a contribution" to DCEO Eliminate the Digital Divide fund, and get involved as volunteer at local CTC. Also "intro to other funding" for CTCs in Chicago and statewide. The session will be followed by DCEO Request for Applications briefing. The dates for RFA public briefing and (abbreviated) Showcase activities in Springfield and a Southern Illinois location (done by video conference in prior years) will be set on Aug. 8.

Mid Sept.: Focus Groups on "Mission and scope"of Illinois Community Technology Consortium as it becomes formally incorporated statewide association involving communty technology, education, economic development, social services/health and research on impacts of Digital Tools, Access and Equity, including in E St Louis, Central Illinois and followed by Chicago area. For info on this and planned October fundraiser/stakeholder event of CTCNet Chicago: contact Michael Maranda co-chair ilCTC and acting ED CTCNet Chicago 773-456-7737 Oct 25 Begin fall veto session in Springfield through week of Nov 2 Rep. Howard's Digital Literacy and Outreach bill HB 3650 is set for House agreement with Senate amendments to increase Eliminate the Digital Divide grant to $75,000, to authorize expenses for CTC management and outcome-tracking software, and authorize grant to statewide network to assist with training, outreach and revenue development. Proposals will be presented for consensus "fair contribution formula" for multi-year sustainability of Eliminate the Digital Divide fund from among convergent telecom parties, and with DCEO expanded role to raise funds via DCEO/ICC/CMS cooperation with public-private digital literacy trust parters.

Nov 16-17: 2nd Illinois Community Technology Conference and 6th Telecommunication Conference (on telecom and rural economic development, telehealth) UIS Sprinfield. For info contact: Michael Maranda 773-456-7737 for ICT Conference, and Cindy Erickson UIUC Extension Laboratory for Community and Economic Develoment 217-244-0433.

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