Attention: Cell phone users!

Posted by Mitchell - January 12, 2004 (entry 132)

Chicago Media Action is scheduled to make an appearance on the January 13, 2004 newscast on CBS Channel 2, on the issue of portability in cell phone usage, particularly as it relates to monopoly power and government oversight. The story is connected to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

If you'd like to learn more on the issue and to act, a good start would be this page courtesy of Consumers Union. And lest you think this is a fool's errand and won't make a lick of difference, remember that the FCC in its media ownership policy was thought to be a done deal just a year ago, but public pressure and activism helped to derail that runaway locomotive.

Whether or not there's improvement on this issue depends on whether or not everyday citizens act. That's your task. It's your choice: anticipate the worst and do nothing, and you've guaranteed its arrival; or do something, get connected and get active, and you may make things better.

Update -- False Alarm: I was informed that the interview segment which involved CMA didn't air as part of the report on cellphones. Ah, well...

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