In late August 2003, Chicago Media Action sent a survey on media issues to its mailing list. We received 17 responses. The survey's questions and results are listed below.

Question One: Rate each issue below based on the importance of the issue to you.

Not at all important Somewhat important Extremely important
Making the FCC more responsive to the public when formulating media policy0413
Cable ownership and cable access television2105
Low-Power FM (LPFM) radio and microradio277
Democratic reform of "public" radio and/or television088
Getting progressive views represented in commercial media 2213
Building an audience for independent media1412
Creating independent media2310
Eliminiating negative stereotypes in commercial media484
Reducing violence and/or commercialism in media690
Learning more about important independent media078

Question Two: Rate each activity below based on how likely you are to participate in such an activity.

Definitely would not participate Probably would not participate Might or might not participate Probably would participate Definitely would participate
Media monitoring43711
Media monitor analysis44602
Network with progressive organizations and create joint actions to support their causes11545
Write letters to editor/call talk shows/meet with media representatives to get progressive views represented12545
Create independent media31543
Market/promote independent media21644
Distribute independent media23414
Call/write/visit government officials regarding media policy23443
Attend demonstrations related to media issues/policy02455
Attend independent media events00555
Attend CMA general meetings or committee meetings to plan activities04922

Question Three: Choose the top three most important current political issues to you.

Tax cuts/Economic Justice4
GMOs/Food issues0
Globalization/Fair trade2
War and Peace8
Civil Liberties7
2004 Elections/Political Reform6