Recommended Outside Resources
    WLUW (88.7 FM) is the radio station of Loyola University of Chicago, and has devoted a serious portion of its schedule to independent and community voices in Chicago. Chicago Media Action has made many appearances on WLUW shows.
  • Workers Independent News Service (WINS)
    WINS is an independent news and headlines radio resouce with the mission of providing news and content of relevance to working families: organizing efforts, workplace issues, coalition campaigns, and other workforce issues.
  • WVON (AM 1450)
    WVON is a part-time Chicago talk radio station. Members of Chicago Media Action have been on WVON, in particular during the show of AM radio host Cliff Kelley.
  • WZRD (88.3 FM)
    WZRD is the radio station of Northeastern Illinois University and maintains a commitment to public and community service. Members of Chicago Media Action have been on WZRD in the past.
  • ZNet
    ZNet is the online complement to Z Magazine--a magazine of critical thinking on contemporary political issues. ZNet is a massive website, with subsites devoted to mainstream media and alternative media.
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