Recommended Outside Resources
  • Prometheus Radio Project
    The Prometheus Radio Project describes itself as "a non-profit organization created by radio activists to facilitate the growth of the Free Radio Movement and present an organized demand for the democratization of the airwaves." Prometheus serves as a legal, technical, organizational, and inspirational resource for low-power radio broadcasters.
  • Radio Arte
    Radio Arte (WRTE, 90.5 FM) is a bilingual English/Spanish community radio station which broadcasts from Chicago's Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods.
  • Reclaim The Media
    A fascinating news and information portal on happenings in the media democracy movement. The website is run out of the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
  • Redline Radio
    Redline Radio is a low powered FM radio station that serves the communities on Chicago's far north side. The station airs on 99.1 FM in the Uptown, Edgewater, and Rogers Park neighborhoods, and also in Evanston.
  • Robert McChesney
    This is the website of Bob McChesney--author of eight books on media and politics, professor of communications at the University of Illinois, host of the weekly radio show Media Matters, and president of the media activist organization Free Press.
  • SPEC Chicago
    The Self-Publishers Event Council (SPEC) of Chicago is composed of creative producers of zinesters, writers, bloggers, artists, performers and poets dedicated to creating alternative avenues for sharing self-published artistic expression with the public. SPEC Chicago organizes frequent events in the Chicago area and nationwide to provide venues for creative expression.
  • Take Back The Media
    A visually dazzling and fun website with lots of informative criticism about the major corporate media. The media flash resources have to be seen to be believed.
  • The NewStandard
    TNS describes itself as "one of the only professional, independent, noncommercial hard news sources in the United States", which provides "uncompromised investigative journalism and 24-hour news coverage of current events." Many of the same folks which brought you ZNet are working on The NewStandard.
  • This Is Hell
    Chuck Mertz hosts this weekly Evanston-based radio program, which airs on WNUR 89.3 FM on Saturday mornings. What This is Hell "[tries] to do is give the public access to information and perspectives that are muted or overlooked by mainstream media here in the States.". (Footnote: Chuck has referred to Chicago Media Action as "Chicago Media Watch Watch".)
    UPPNET (Union Producers & Programming Network) is an international organization of producers of union television and radio programming.
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