Recommended Outside Resources
  • Media Access Project
    Media Access Project is a nonprofit law firm in Washington DC, which specializes in litigation on media and telecommunications issues.
  • Media Geek
    An impressive one-man show out of Urbana. The main feature is the media geek blog, which has much worthwhile and thoughtful commentary.
  • Media Lens
    This is a website of media criticism from the UK. The website's articles ranges across a wide array of topics, and they are all unfailingly compassionate, unwavering, and very well-written.
  • Media Tank
    The Philadelphia-based Media Tank describes itself as "an innovative non-profit organization working to bring together media arts, education and activism to build broader awareness and support for media as a vital civic, cultural and communications resource." Of particular note are its media ownership page on FCC actions and their PDF flyer.
  • Mediachannel
    Mediachannel bills itself as a "media issues supersite, featuring criticism, breaking news, and investigative reporting from hundreds of organizations worldwide." It's home to the incomparable Danny Schechter's News Dissector Daily Blog about the Media.
  • Micah Wright
    Micah Wright "is an author who works in film, television, videogames and comic books. Back The Attack: Remixed War Propaganda is a complilation of 41 of his Remixed Propaganda posters."
  • National Organization for Women -- Chicago Chapter
    This is the website of the Chicago chapter of the venerable women's rights organization. NOW has been involved in struggles on media issues; the Chicago chapter of NOW has worked in the past with Chicago Media Action.
  • NOW with Bill Moyers
    This PBS television show may be unique in American broadcasting for its forthright coverage of media politics. Of particular interest are its pages on Milestones in Media and Politics and The Massing of the Media
  • Pittsburgh Media Action
    This is an organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which fights for media justice in Pittsburgh.
  • Project Censored
    Project Censored is an eye-opening, mind-expanding annual review of what didn't make the news--but should have. Project Censored--a project from Sonoma State University--publishes its annual review as an annual book.
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