Recommended Outside Resources
  • Chicago Independent Media Center
    This is Chicago's chapter of the international Independent Media Center ("indymedia") movement. Indymedia is a collective of journalists and media groups devoted to non-profit non-corporate coverage of national, international, local events.
  • Chicago Newspaper Guild
    The Chicago Newspaper Guild describes itself as a "550 member labor union created by and for newspaper and news-related employees in the Chicago area." Chicago Media Action has held some of its meetings at the Guild's offices.
  • Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
    CIPB is a group specialized in advocating structural reform of public television in the United States.
  • Collective Interest Radio
    Collective Interest Radio is a Chicago radio program of politics and current events which airs from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Colorado Media Reform
    Colorado Media Reform is a Colorado group devoted to independent media and critique and structural reform of the major media.
  • Common Cause
    Common Cause is a grassroots lobbying organization which has been instrumental in media policy struggles in recent years. Chicago Media Action has worked in the past with the Chicago chapter of Common Cause.
  • Critical Notes
    Critical Notes is a weblog of criticism and media analysis by Chicagoan Josh Honn.
  • Democracy Now!
    As described on its website, "Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 140 stations in North America." Members of Chicago Media Action helped bring DN! back to Chicago's airwaves (listen weekdays, 7am-9am, on WZRD 88.3FM).
  • is a news and information resource for do-it-yourself media efforts. And you haven't lived until you check out the links under Media Collage.
  • Downhill Battle
    Downhill Battle is a non-profit organization devoted to activism around the music industry. It is "working to end the major label monopoly and build a better, fairer music industry."
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